Remote Assist

AMGtime Systems' Remote Assist Support allows our highly trained product specialists to view your software screen live over the internet. It's like having a live support agent on site!

Please follow these easy steps before contacting us to speed up the Remote Assist Support.


Download and Run AMGtime
Remote Assist

To begin working with AMGtime Remote Support,
please click below to download and run the remote
assist application on your PC.

AMGtime remote assist

Session Start

Once you have downloaded the remote assist app, you should see a screen like the below one that gives you an ID and password.

remote assist login screen

Now, call our technical support team at 1 (323) 254-7448

Our technical support hours are 7:30am - 5pm Pacific time
Please note if you have a PC based system, then charges may apply. Please call to confirm your maintenance agreement plan.