Currently the following states already have paid sick leave laws that employers need to follow:

In addition to that more than 25 jurisdictions including District of Columbia, local jurisdictions in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington have enacted mandatory paid sick leave laws. More states and municipalities will surely follow.

AMGtime helps companies to:

Why time and attendance

Many employers feel that they do not need to track paid sick leave through their time and attendance since they already track it through payroll. However, most paid sick leave rules are based on actual worked hours. What better system to track an employee's actual worked hours than a time and attendance system? We already track your employee's worked hours for other reasons such as attendance reporting, payroll, control of labor costs. If you choose to track your paid sick leave through a time and attendance system, you would get real time data on which employee has accrued how much paid sick leave at any given point.


Each state and or municipality is ruled by its own labor laws which dictate the consequences for not meeting paid sick leave requirements.

What To Do

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