As an employee, to make a time off request you can login to the AMGtime app with your email and password. Your company administrator will setup your account, then you will be sent an email to verify your account and create a password. Press the menu icon Time Off Requests (iOS) Image 1  in the upper right. Then press Time Off Requests in the right menu to get started. If you do not see this option, please contact your company admin to give your employee account access to time off requests.

Time Off Requests (iOS) Image 2

This screen will show you all of your requests and you can press the bottom buttons filter to only show Pending requests, Approved requests, etc. 

Time Off Requests (iOS) Image 3

Press the Add Time Off Request button at the bottom to add a new request. 

Time Off Requests (iOS) Image 4

Select the category of time to take off (such as vacation or sick) and you will see how much time you have left. Then select a full day or a partial day and the date, then the number or days or hours. If necessary you can also leave a comment. Press Confirm and the request will be submitted to the main software for a user/manager to approve or deny. Check back on the main time off screen to see if your request was approved or denied under the status:

Time Off Requests (iOS) Image 5