The Expenses Tracking feature allows the user to add the Expenses via Mobile app. The following steps should be configured in the WEB to start using the Expenses via a Mobile app.

1. Go to WEB, add Amount Category, if the category goes to General settings.

Expense Tracking AMG Mobile App Screen 1

2. Go to WEB, General Settings-> Mileage/Expense, enable Expenses Tracking and choose from the dropdown list already added amount category and press Ok. Please note that multiple Categories can be added, see below screenshot.

Expense Tracking AMG Mobile App Screen 2

3. Go to the Mobile app, choose the actions Enter Expense. On the screen you will see the amount categories configured in WEB, choose one of them, then enter the Expense amount and press ok. Take a screenshot of your slip.

Expense Tracking AMG Mobile App Screen 1 Expense Tracking AMG Mobile App Screen 2

4. The users will be able to see and track Expenses in the Timecard, as well as being able to edit the values and to see the slip screenshot. The information regarding the Expenses can be seen in the Miscellaneous Entries report as well. See below screenshots.

Expense Tracking AMG Screen 3 Expense Tracking AMG Screen 4 Expense Tracking Report Config Screen Expense Tracking Miscellaneous Entries Report