Below are a list of some commonly used settings that be confusing in AMG. These are all found in Settings.

Common Settings (Web) Image 1


  • Swipe and Go - This setting makes it so the software will determine the action for employee transactions. This way employees don't have to choose a specific action (clock in, out for lunch, etc) on your timeclock.
  • Calculate Total Hours Based on Rounded Hours - When checked this setting will not round total timecard hours if no rounding rules are used.
  • Enable Negative Benefits - If you are using benefits to track employee vacation/sick hours, this will allow employees to get paid hours beyond their accrued/allowed amount. IE if an employee has 3 Sick hours left, but they take 8, they will still get all 8 paid.


  • Custom Words - This will allow you to change the words divisions, departments, jobs, and groups throughout the system to your desired words.

  • Codes - These codes are used to distinguish headquarters, divisions, and groups. You can specify the number of digits in this setting.


  • Automatic Transactions Approval After X Pay Periods and Y Days - any transactions before this period will be approved by the system, so they cannot be edited.

  • Show Weekly Subtotals for Biweekly and 4 Weekly Pay Periods - this will show totals for each week in the timecard, if the pay period is 2 or 4 weeks.
  • Max Pay Period Back for Employees X - the number of previous pay periods an employee can view their timecard in employee login.


  • Codes and Badges - see this article for the difference between codes and badges. In most cases you can use the setting under Badge Assignment to make it Same as Employee Code.

  • Co-Workers - this section is for the employee login. If employees have access to see the Calendar, then you can select which groups of other employees they will see on their calendar. 


  • Use Floater for Shift Selection - if this setting is checked it will make any fixed shifts that are part of the same shift groups into floaters. See this article for an explanation on the different shifts.
  • Copy Last Schedule if Current is Missing - if checked, this will copy all employees' schedules week after week.
  • Default Schedule - this schedule will fill for any new employees as the default.

  • Enable Device Access Restrictions from Shifts X Days Ahead - this will add a setting in shifts for you to be able to add time restrictions for each devices within X days of this setting. 7 days will set it to 3 days before, the current day, and 3 days after.

Alerts - See this article for more information on alerts.
Missing, Short, Late Lunches - See this article to configure these lunch settings.
  • Show employees who didn't have any clock punches in last X days - this setting is for the no punches widget. After this many days, if an employee has no punches they will appear in the widget to be set to inactive.
Password Policy
  • Last Passwords to not Reuse X - this is the number of previous passwords that cannot be used when creating a new password. Default is 5.
  • Frequency of Changing Password X - after how many days a user must change their password. Default is 0 (never).
  • Blacklist - list of words that cannot be used in a password. Press enter after each word.