Our AMG Web Device Management tool provides flexibility for timeclocks that are not compatible with our web solution. Most of our biometric machines are web-ready, meaning they can communicate with our web server without any additional tools/setup. The device this tool will be accommodating is our Handpunch F-Series.


We have two solutions for this. Either you can upgrade your handpunch to a web-ready handpunch by visiting here OR you can download our web device manager. (NOTE: In order to use the web device manager, you should be able to connect to the device from the computer you are installing it on)


To download our web device manager, please click here


Make sure to first log into your web account and add the device. The device's communication type should be set to Ethernet and the IP Address of the device should be entered. If you need help with adding a device, you can click here


Once you have it installed, launch AMG Web Device Manager and log in using your credentials for amgwebtime.com


You should now successfully be able to poll the device to send employee time data to our web server. You may set up an auto process to poll it automatically for you by visiting the "Autoprocesses" tab within the tool. Another capability that you will now have is to manage the users on the device by visiting the "Tools" tab. From here, you will be able to transfer users over from one device to another, delete users, backup/restore badges.