When configuring Departments and job in AMG attendance system first you need to assign the specific Actions to the clock:

  1. Go to Devices
  2. Configure devices
  3. Add/Edit Device.
  4. Select the Device Type Hand Scanner Models (2000 - 3000 – 4000 – GT-400)Hand Scanner/GT-400 Department and Jobs Assignment Image 1
  5. Department: allow you to assign Your Hand Scanner to a specified Department only. (when using this option, you are determining that the clock belongs to that specified department and all clock ins are from that department only.
  6. Work Code Action select Advanced Tab
  7. Selecting Punch Menu will allow you access to us the F keys on the Device.

Hand Scanner/GT-400 Department and Jobs Assignment Image 2

       8. Press OK to Save.

Steps Employees will take to Clock into A Specified Department/Job:

  1. Press F key enters in the Job Number Enter,
  2. Enter Badge number press enter and place hand on scanner.