One Screen Easy Scheduling allows you to edit the schedules of multiple employees at once. It can be accessed by going to Attendance - Scheduling.

  1. Filter the employees you want to edit and select the date within the week you want to display.
  2. Check off the days/employees you want to edit (checking the boxes in the top column will check that day for all employees).
  3. When you have the correct selection, click Edit Checked.
One Screen Easy Scheduling (Web) Image 1
        4. Check the Work box and select the Shift Group and Shift to apply. You can also deny short lunches/breaks. If you have the Jobs/Depts module you can also assign specific Jobs or Departments.
        5. Press Ok and the selected shift will apply to all employees. 
One Screen Easy Scheduling (Web) Image 2
 To learn more about setting up shifts, read this article.