The Reprocess Punches tool found under the Tools tab in the software allows to process transactions that have already been committed into your system. This is used when there are any changes within policies, including holidays, overtime, etc and needs to be reflected on transactions from the past. When reprocessing, transactions of the mentioned time period get disapproved, then being processed again but already according to new policies, holidays and other changes, and then get approved again.

Reprocess Tool (Web) Image 1Reprocess Tool (Web) Image 2

To reprocess transactions you should do the following:

  1. In the Employees table check the employee(s) whose transactions you want to reprocess. (For checking or unchecking all employees simultaneously you can use the All Filtered checkmark.) Before checking employees, you also have a possibility to filter the list and find the employees needed.
  2. In the Reprocess Approved Timecards from text bot enter date and time, transactions starting from which you want to be reprocessed. 
  3. Click on the Apply button.