Bulk Transactions allow you to add in clock transactions, miscellaneous entries, schedules or statuses for multiple employees at once. Go to Tools - Bulk Transactions and choose the applicable employees on the left.


To add in Clock Transactions for the employees choose the date, time, device, and action. You can just use swipe and go for the action to allow the software to determine the action. You also have the option to override any rounding rules and any automatic lunch/break deductions. Click the apply button to add the transactions.


Bulk Transactions (Web) Image 1


To add in Misc Entries, (e.g. Vacation, Sick, Holidays) click the Misc Entries tab and again choose the date, time, category, and hours. You can add or subtract hours from the top and have the category apply at an Overtime level or calculate towards overtime. Additionally if you have the Jobs/Depts module you can have the transaction apply to a specific dept or job. Click the apply button to add the transactions.


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 The Schedules tab of bulk transactions allows you to copy another weeks' schedule to any desired period. Just choose the template week (where you are copying from) and the start and end date periods, then click Copy Week.


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The Change Status tab only allows you to add a new status to employees. You can choose the starting date, whether they are active or inactive, the working time, employment, pay type class, and pay policy. You can also give a reason for why they are changing status (eg. temporary workers). The 'Automatically assign scheduled hours' checkbox will automatically put in hours for the employee, without them needing to clock in/out (usually for salaried employees). Click apply to add the new status line to all selected employees.


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