Benefits in AMG allow users to assign benefit hours to employees and deduct from those benefits hours for the specified category. Deductions will show on employees timecard and can be exported for payroll. 


The benefits window can be found under Definitions - Benefits - Assign. This allows you to select multiple employees, select a category, and then assign benefit hours for that category for specific dates.


  • Category: use the dropdown to select the specified category, other categories may also be used as benefits. The category must have the option Add to Benefits, under Company - Categories.
  • Add: Add available benefit hours to an employee (this does not add a vacation day)
  • Subtract: Subtract benefit hours from allowed benefits (this should not be used to deduct used hours)
  • Balance: Balance the total amount of benefit hours for the employee


Benefit Hours Image 1

Benefit Hours Image 2
  • Amount: enter the amount of hours you want to assign
  • Start Date: the date from when the benefits will start to be available
  • End Date: the date after which the benefits will not be available
  • Benefit Accrual Rule: assign the rule for automatically accruing benefit hours (only available if the Benefit Accrual Module is active on your account)
  • Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Rule: assign the rule for automatically accruing sick hours (only available if the Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Module is active on your account). More info on creating this rule can be found here.

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