Ethernet / Wifi Communication Mode

This will allow your device to connect to your network. Make sure ethernet cables are connected if you are using wired internet.


For Wired Ethernet Connection:

1. Press the Menu key (6 dots on the bottom right of the homescreen) then go to COMM then Ethernet

2. If you do not have an IT/ network admin it is best to set the device to DHCP so it will get its own information on the network. If this is the case, touch on DHCP at the bottom of the screen so that in says 'ON'.

If you are going to manually set information such as IP address, please contact your network administrator for the correct IP Address, Default Gateway, and Subnet Mask configuration.

3. Hit the back arrow at the upper left until you are back on the main homescreen, then press and hold the power button (on the left of the device) until the device completely shuts down. Then turn the device back on.

4. Go back to the Menu, then Comm - Ethernet and write down the IP address to enter into the AMG Client/Server Software (if you are an AMG Web user you will need the device's serial number, usually found on the back under the barcode).


For Wifi:

1.  Press the Menu key (6 dots on the bottom right of the homescreen) then go to COMM then Wireless Network

2. Turn WIFI to 'ON', then when it finds your network, press on the network name.

3. Enter in the wifi password, then press Connect to Wifi.

4. The screen should show 'Connected' next to the network name after a minute. Touch on this to see the IP address (write this down to add to the software for client/server).


 To Add or Edit a device in AMG Client Server see this article.

 To Add or Edit a device in AMG Web see this article.