Industry Solutions

AMGtime’s time, labor management, and scheduling systems have been created to cater to YOU. We understand that not every company will have the same needs and that certain industries may require enhanced solutions. Explore our vast suite of industry-specific solutions, including time tracking for construction workers, manufacturing labor tracking solutions, and attendance tracking systems for educational institutions. Find the perfect fit for your needs today.



AMGtime’s labor management solutions will help you lower costs and time spent on administrative tasks so that you can devote resources to patient care.



Manage the intricacies of employee to client interaction with Badge Repository, countless reports, and more.

Hospitality & Retail


Allow our solutions to help you manage employees with interchangeable shifts at a moment’s notice.

Remote Workforce


Monitor your employees, whether they are on the go or in remote locations, with our labor tracking software.Our mobile apps include geo-fencing and GPS tracking, portable hardware, and more ensuring effective monitoring and management.



AMGtime has built features for job costing, managing flexible shifts, and assessing workforce time data, and manufacturing labor tracking through our clocks in real time. With our comprehensive solution, you can effectively track and manage labor costs in manufacturing operations, ensuring accurate job costing and efficient workforce management.



Track the attendance of both students and employees in your educational institution, layering on bell schedules and more to run your Institution smoothly.

Don’t see your industry listed? Our labor scheduling and management services extend beyond these ready-made categories. services extend beyond these ready-made categories. AMGtime offers a variety of workforce monitoring solutions for lots of industries that’ll correlate with your business needs.