Employee Biometric Time Clocks and Time Card Machines

Looking for the most efficient, accurate way for your employees to clock in and out of the workplace? Discover a selection of biometric time clocks and time card machines for every size of business, from small to large companies and centers at AMGtime. With a range of devices, including fingerprint readers, facial recognition systems, and HandPunch terminals, you’ll find a wide range of employee time clock machines to suit your needs. Our selection also includes both new and refurbished terminals to help you stay on budget.

Our biometric time recorders allow any number of employees to punch in and out, with capacity ranging from one employee to thousands. The employee time clocks in our best-in-class selection come with a range of built-in features, from break compliance software that helps employers adhere to state meal break legislation to RFID readers that allow employees to verify their identity with their company ID cards. Also, with a variety of different communication options available, from Wi-Fi enabled devices to mobile-ready terminals, as well as devices that support bell ringing and access control, you’re sure to find the best biometric attendance system for your business.

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Types of Biometric Time Clock

With so many types of biometric time clock devices available, how do you find the device that best suits your business? From facial recognition devices to HandPunch devices, here’s what you need to know.

Fingerprint readers enable your employees to punch in and out using their unique fingerprints as identification — a great way to eliminate buddy punching.

Face readers work in a similar way but use facial recognition technology instead of other biometric measures to identify employees when they are clocking in and out of work. It’s an easy process for employees, who simply have to show their faces to the device to punch in and out, and, with verification taking less than a second, it’s a real time saver too.

Hand readers, also known as HandPunch biometric time clocks, use hand geometry technology to verify employees. These biometric time clock devices measure the size and shape of the hand, but do not take fingerprints or palm prints.

In addition to biometric data capture, many of our time clocks use RFID cards and HID (proximity) cards for employee verification. For an additional layer of security, photo capture terminals can be programmed to take a picture of your employees every time they clock in and out.

Advantages of Biometric Time Clock Systems for Business

Biometric attendance devices can benefit businesses in every sector, from retail to construction and healthcare.

Many of our time clock machines are configured to meet the needs of specific businesses. There are packages designed for convenience stores, which include workforce scheduling software that automatically matches employees to open shifts within your chosen parameters. Other electronic clocking devices are geared towards the construction industry, with rugged, portable fingerprint readers that can withstand the harsh conditions of an outdoor construction site. You’ll also find terminals designed for small, medium or large-sized businesses, depending on the number of employees they can enroll.

Employee time clock devices have many benefits when it comes to manufacturing, from ringing a bell to indicate the start and end of each shift to recording how much time an employee has spent on a particular task or project. There are advantages, too, for highly regulated businesses, such as skilled nursing facilities. With biometric employee tracking, keeping track of HPPD (hours per patient day) ratios becomes much easier, freeing you up to concentrate on caring for your patients. As for restaurant kitchens, these can benefit greatly from hygienic solutions such as hands-free facial recognition terminals which allow employees to clock in while maintaining a sterile work environment.

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What Are the Best Biometric Attendance Systems?

With so many configurations available, how do you find the best biometric time recoreder for your business? That all depends on your specific needs. If you have many employees clocking in at the same time, a quick solution such as fingerprint or face reader machines is best for preventing bottlenecks.

Portable fingerprint readers are ideal for managing attendance in the construction industry, since they allow your employees to clock in and out in different offsite locations. Schools and colleges might benefit from terminals that include bell-ringing options to mark the beginning and end of lessons and study periods. Facial recognition kiosks, meanwhile, are perfect for work environments like restaurants that need to be kept clean, since employees can punch in without touching them. These electronic time clock machines readers are also a great solution for hospitals and medical centers, where it’s difficult for employees to use fingerprint readers because they are often wearing gloves.